Blue Mountain(s)

  • Wassily Kandinsky’s Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain II (my attempt)

Kandinsky is the quintessential artist of the abstract expressionist style. I love this genre because it conveys emotional experience in distinctive and imaginative ways, challenging traditional perceptions of art. The subject of the rider in this painting was meant to represent Kandinsky’s quest to transform art and incorporate spirituality. He was truly sensitive to color and movement, often comparing his artwork to musical compositions. For Kandinsky, each color had the power to evoke mood in the viewer. Yellow promotes aggression, whereas blue soothes the eye.

Blue Mountain is one of his earlier pieces, created before he developed his more abstract style. I was so captivated by this painting, I felt compelled to make one my own. Unfortunately, my version doesn’t really capture the same texture and dream-like quality of the original. Nevertheless, painting it was a profoundly memorable experience. While I was trying to recreate his work, I lost all sense of time. There is something really soothing, rewarding and magical about getting lost in your work. In existential psychology, one of the fundamental aspects of being human is the given of temporality. We exist within a finite time frame and awareness of this encourages our search for meaning. It is amazing how often we try to control time in an average day, when it is really the escape from time that imbues meaning into life.

Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body. (Wassily Kandinsky)


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